Forbidden Girona 


Free cancellation · free children of up to 14 years old

Forbidden Girona Tour 

Come discover with us the darkest and most mysterious side of the city: streets that no longer exist, gone neighbourhoods, madmen and witches…

  When: Wednesday & Friday
  Where: Cul de la Lleona, Girona
w  Languages: Spanish*

}  Time: 17:30
  Price: 16€, children (0-14) free
  Duration: 2 hours

Did you know that the Sant Feliu area in Girona hides a dark past? Prostitution, crimes and drug addiction were some of the events that marked an era in the neighborhood. Today, instead, it may be one of the most trendy areas of the Old Town, with chic restaurants and cool concert halls.

Since the 15th century, many of the guest houses in the north end of the city began to offer prostitution services. For many years, the coexistence with the neighbors was excellent. They were never frowned upon but tolerated. The problems started back in 1954, when Franco banned prostitution.

What consequences did it have in the area? Where did those women end up? Why was it called Chinese Quarter? Come and discover the secrets and lesser-known anecdotes of Girona!

Highlights of the Forbidden Girona Tour

N  Discover the weird hanging well that names a neigbourhood
N  Get to know the vibe on those old clandestine taverns and bars
N  Relive some curious and terrifying anecdotes and facts
N  Access old fortifications, walls and gardens on the high part of the Old Town

What we’ll see in the Forbidden Girona Tour

  Sant Feliu Basilica
  Cul de la Lleona
  Chinese Quarter
  Street of the Flies

  Archeological Promenade
  German Garaden
  Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants
  Gironella Tower

Meeting Point

  Meeting Point: Cul de la Lleona (Lioness’ Ass)

Just below the statue of the Lioness, in the Plaça de Sant Feliu.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the tour run?

The Forbidden Girona Tour runs, in Spanish, on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday* at 17:30.

*The Forbidden Girona Tour doesn’t run on the 1st, 5th & 6th of January and 24th, 25th, 26th & 31st of December.

How long is the tour?

The Forbidden Girona lasts for 2 hours.

Do I need to book?

On paid tours, yes! So we can know if that day we will need a guide for the route. It is as easy as filling out the reservation form.

What happens in Easter, Christmas and national holidays?

Those days we are so busy with Free Tours that, for now, this tour won’t be operating during those periods.

Does the tour operate if it rains?

No! This tour in particular will be suspended, due to the possibility of slipping and the cold temperatures, if it rains.

How do I find you?

Once at the meeting point you will see our guides, wearing T-shirts and umbrellas with our turquoise blue color.

Is it suitable for people with reduced mobility or babies in a stroller?

It should be said that it may not be the best tour for people with reduced mobility, as we go up to the highest part of the city and go through some narrow sections with stairs.

We're a big group. Can we still join?

Yes! However, and in this case, if you are a group of 10 people or more, it is better to book a Private Tour. This way you can have the tour in English, start at the time that suits you, and have the guide for your group. What a treat!

Interested in a Private Tour?

If you want more flexibility and a dedicated guide for you and your group, you can book this tour as a private tour totally in EnglishYou can check more about our private tours here.

This way we can start at the day and time that suits you and have a much more personal experience. This is also a good option for big groups. Send us a WhatsApp or an email and we will get back to you right away.


adult, free children of up to 14 years old

Free cancellation until 48h before the tour

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