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Volcanic Garrotxa


Free cancellation · 85€ children of up to 14

Volcanic Garrotxa

   Santa Pau  ·  Santa Margarida Volcano  ·  La Fageda d’en Jordà  ·  Banyoles

Climb a volcano with a chapel in the crater, walk through the magical Fageda, enjoy a waterfall and visit beautiful villages. Traditional picnic lunch included!

  Where: Garrotxa & Pla de l’Estany
w  Languages:  english en   catala ca   español es   portugues pt

}  Schedule:  9:30 – 17:30
  Duration: 8 hours

Spend a spectacular day in the middle of Garrotxan nature! We will start the day in Santa Pau, walking through its streets with the village still half asleep. We will see its medieval center and admire its volcanic architecture.

Then we will go to the Santa Margarida Volcano! One of the most popular volcanoes in the Garrotxa, we will go up and down to the center of the crater, where there is a chapel. Do you know that legend says it works as a stopper to prevent eruptions?

We will leave the volcano and go to a picnic area to eat our well-deserved lunch in the shade of some trees. We will taste typical Catalan food and, of course, we will have the most local desserts we could ever have in this place.

We will then walk through the magical Fageda d’en Jordà while we digest our lunch, enjoying the silence and the mystery of the beeches and weird tussols. Shortly afterwards we will head to a spectacular, super chilly waterfall where we will enjoy a heavenly bath.

We will end the day in Banyoles, walking around its wonderful lake and where, if we feel like it and the weather is good, we can have a swim.

Highlights of the Volcanic Garrotxa day trip

  Get out of the city and soak yourself with the wildest nature
  Visit Santa Pau, one of the most beautiful medieval villages in the Garrotxa
  Climb a volcano and go down to the center of the crater to see its chapel
  Have a very traditional, picnic lunch under the trees
  Let yourself be enchanted by the mysterious Fageda d’en Jordà
  Cool down after so much walking in an icy-cold waterfall
  Stroll around the Banyoles Lake and have a swim if the weather is good

What’s included in the Volcanic Garrotxa day trip

N  Transport in a private vehicle
N  Accompanying guide in English
N  Guided walk to the crater of the volcano
N  Traditional picnic lunch

N  Guided visit to the Fageda d’en Jordà
N  Guided visit to the Banyoles Lake
N  Pick up and drop off at your accommodation
N  Insurance

Pick up Points

We can pick you up in any of the following:

 Accomodations in Girona city
   5 If inside the Old Town (Barri Vell), pick up will be at the Cul de la Lleona or Plaça Catalunya
Girona train and bus station
Accomodations en route: between Girona and Roses

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a wonderful swim in the waterfall?
Of course! We will hike to the waterfall and get in. Please bring your own bathing suit and towel and change before you get back into the van. Be warned: it’s pretty cold!
In what language is the day trip?

Our day trips can be, depending on the guests, in English, Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese simultaneously.

At what time does the day trip start?

All our day trips start at 9:30. This means that, at the earliest, we will pick you up at this time. If we’re collecting more people, you will be informed of your exact pick-up time.

How long is the day trip?

The Volcanic Garrotxa day trip is, approximately, 8 hours long. We leave at 9:30 and get back at 17:30.

What's the vehicle like?

Depending on the time of year and demand, the vehicle can be a 9- or a 5-seater van.

Is there a limit of people in the group?

Being a day trip in a vehicle, we are limited by its number of seats. The biggest group will be 8 people plus the driver, who is also the guide.

If you are a larger group, contact us and we will arrange transportation!

Interested in a Private Tour?

If you want more flexibility, a guide and a vehicle exclusively for your group, you can book this day trip as a private tour.

This way we can enjoy a much more personalized experience, adding other visits or removing what you’re not interested in. It is a good option for groups of more than 8 people, where we will need special transport. Send us a WhatsApp or an email and we will get back to you right away.


per adult, 85€ children of up to 14

Free cancellation until 48h before the trip

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