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History, Legends & Food Tour

Learn about Girona’s history, from its Roman origins to the present, discover our weirdest legends, and sample the best local delicacies along the way!

Wed, Fri & Sun

Plaça Independència



2,5 hours





N  Explore the narrow streets, squares and alleys of the Old Town
N  Listen to mysterious legends about nuns and Dalí…
N  Taste Girona’s most famous delicacies: the xuixo and the ratafia
N  Learn about Girona’s more than 2.000 years of history
N  Become a local and decide to move here for life


  Girona Cathedral
  Sant Feliu Basilica
  A xuixo & some ratafia
  Onyar river and bridges

  Legends and misteries of Girona
  Hidden squares and gardens
  Old Town (Barri Vell)
  Jewish Quarter


Discover the ancient Roman and Medieval history of Girona on a guided tour of the city’s highlights! Visit the Jewish Quarter, pass by the cathedral and meander the streets of the Old Town. Learn about the Cathedral from your local expert guide: one of the most important symbols of the city, together with the Basilica of Sant Feliu.

Cross some of the most emblematic bridges, enjoying unique views of the colorful houses of the Onyar river. And get lost in the labyrinth of streets of the Old Town, discovering unique spots, corners, squares and streets while hearing some of the strangest legends and stories.

Try, right in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, our two most famous delicacies: the xuixo, a pastry made of baked dough and filled with custard, and ratafia, our most famous liquor made of 40 different herbs and green walnut. So good!

All of this, and a lot more, in this fantastic trip to the past, present and future of our city. Don’t miss it!

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The 11 Tastings of Girona


Girona Cathedral
Xuixo and ratafia
Sant Feliu Basílica
Local beer, wine and cava
Old Town & Jewish Quarter
Cold meats and cheeses
Onyar river & bridges

Price: 28€

free for children of up to 14 years old