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Game of Thrones Tour

Dive into the Seven Kingdoms and visit all the filming locations in this Game of Thrones Tour throughout the streets and the history of beautiful Girona

Tue, Thu & Sat

Plaça Independència



2 hours





  Discover where Arya was being trained as a faceless woman
  Marvel at King’s Landing and Braavos
  Wander through the narrow sreets of the Old Town
  Talk about the magical vibe in the city during those days
  Stories about the filming and extras
  Images and videos of the series


N  King’s Landing
N  Braavos
N  Oldtown and the Old Town
N  Cathedral & Grand Sept of Baelor
N  Jewish Quarter
N  Gardens, walls and monasteries


Join Girona Explorers and delve into the captivating world of the acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones, which was filmed in Girona in September 2015. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Great Sept of Baelor, meander through the enchanting alleys of Braavos, and witness the ancient temples of Oldtown in this 2 hour walking tour in Girona.

Relive the electric atmosphere that the series brought to the city, a sentiment still remembered by some of its inhabitants to this day: some unforgettable weeks when thousands participated in the casting process. Visit all of the filming locations with our expert guides while you wander through the streets of Old Girona and

Unveil the reasons behind HBO’s selection of Girona for their acclaimed series and unearth a plethora of fascinating stories on our exclusive tour: Girona on Game of Thrones!

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Price: 20€

free for children of up to 14 years old