Wine and Cadaqués


Free cancellation · 85€ children of up to 14

Wine and Cadaqués

   Cadaqués  ·  Wine tasting  ·  Taps  ·  Dalí House-Museum Dalí and Portlligat (optional)

Did you know that Cap de Creus was covered with vines, until phylloxera arrived? Discover Cadaqués and taste the only wines produced now in the area!

  Where: Alt Empordà
w  Languages:  english en   catala ca   español es   portugues pt

}  Schedule:  9:30 – 18:30
  Duration: 9 hours

Començarem la visita al celler Martin Faixó, l’únic avui en dia al Cap de Creus. Aquesta àrea va estar recoberta de vinyes fins que, a partir del 1880 la fil·loxera, provinent de França, va fer-hi estralls. Els ceps van quedar secs i no s’en van recuperar fins l’any 2000!

En acabat la visita baixarem fins al poble de Cadaqués i començarem una visita guiada d’1 hora pels seus carrers, des del mar fins a s’iclesi, o l’església, situada sobre un turó que domina tot el poble i la preciosa badia.

Tot seguit tindrem temps per dinar, passejar per lliure pel poble i fer-nos un bany, si fa bon temps. Farem un tast dels famosos i deliciosos Taps de Cadaqués abans de tornar cap a Girona.i

Si ho desitgem, després de dinar podem visitar la Casa-Museu de Salvador Dalí, a Portlligat. Una visita imprescindible per a tots els amants del pintor!

Highlights of the Wine and Cadaqués day trip

  Arrive at the easternmost town of Catalonia and, perhaps, the most beautiful
  Visit the only Cap de Creus winery and taste its wines
  Stroll through the center on a guided tour and learn about the history of Cadaqués
  Taste the famous Taps of Cadaqués, unique in the world!
  OPTIONAL + 14€: visit the house where Dalí lived and the landscapes that inspired him

What’s included in the Wine and Cadaqués day trip

N  Transport in a private vehicle
N  Accompanying guide in English
N  1h guided visit through Cadaqués

N  Visit and tasting at the Martin Faixó cellar
N  Pick up and drop off at your accomodation
N  Insurance

Pick up Points

We can pick you up in any of the following:

 Accomodations in Girona city
   5 If inside the Old Town (Barri Vell), pick up will be at the Cul de la Lleona or Plaça Catalunya
Girona train and bus station
Accomodations en route: between Girona and Roses

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this day trip operate on any day of the year?

Almost! The optional visit to the House-Museum depends on its opening days. This optional is not available on the following days:
          Every Monday between the 1st of November to the 14th of June
          From the 20th of December to the 15th of March

*Our day trips do not operate on the 1st, 5th and 6th of January and 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st of December.

In what language is the day trip?

Our day trips can be, depending on the guests, in English, Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese simultaneously.

At what time does the day trip start?

All our day trips start at 9:30. This means that, at the earliest, we will pick you up at this time. If we’re collecting more people, you will be informed of your exact pick-up time.

How long is the day trip?

The Wines and Cadaqués day trip is, approximately, 9 hours long. We leave at 9:30 and get back at 18:30.

What's the vehicle like?

Depending on the time of year and demand, the vehicle can be a 9- or a 5-seater van.

Is there a limit of people in the group?

Being a day trip in a vehicle, we are limited by its number of seats. The biggest group will be 8 people plus the driver, who is also the guide.

If you are a larger group, contact us and we will arrange transportation!

Interested in a Private Tour?

If you want more flexibility, a guide and a vehicle exclusively for your group, you can book this day trip as a private tour.

This way we can enjoy a much more personalized experience, adding other visits or removing what you’re not interested in. It is a good option for groups of more than 8 people, where we will need special transport. Send us a WhatsApp or an email and we will get back to you right away.


per adult, 85€ children of up to 14

Free cancellation until 48h before the trip

Girona Explorers cannot guarantee access to the House-Museum for last minute bookings. Girona Explorers reserves the right to modify the schedules to adapt them to availability.

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